The City of Toronto is a Slumlord or... Bloodbath

The City of Toronto is a Slumlord.

All this brou-ha-ha about the money spent by TCHC employee's and getting rid of the Board of Directors and firing someone and warning other's and reprimanding others.... and still, no one is looking at the shape of things in TCHC. And it's been that way ever since TCHC's inception. When it was OHC things were not like this. When it was MTHA things were not like this. It wasn't until the City of Toronto got their grubby little fingers on it that it started to fall apart in disrepair at an alarming rate. Budgets fell and so did competency. Cut backs on everything including staff and maintenance. Things put on the back burner for too long. And of course they blamed the Provincial Gov't for downloading it onto the City. Yes, well we all know the damage Harris did back then when he was in power because it effected every poor person in the Province however...

Sure, it's easy to blame and point fingers at TCHC staff but who the hell hired them? Why it was the City of Toronto, that's who! And who just let them run wild in the playground with no adult supervision? Again, the City of Toronto, that's who. The finger needs to point in an entirely different direction Mayor Ford... it needs to point at you and at your predecessor. Why the hell didn't you kick up a fuss a long time ago? I'm sure in your prior constituency there is some sort of low income housing. Guess it was just easy to drive by it and ignore it on your way to work. You needed to find that fat at City Hall and cut it like promised in your campaign for Mayor and this is what you dug up but for all intents and purposes, this is egg on YOUR face.

I'm not saying what was done was not so bad however even if they wasted 1/2 a million in these past years it doesn't let the City of Toronto off the hook. If this was owned by anyone else the City would be fining them and serving them notice to comply at least. But they don't police themselves at all. And if they did do anything, it wasn't followed up at all. What I'd like to know is just how many times did social housing and the shape it's in come up in council over the years since TCHC was developed? And I'm not talking about the restructuring of Regent Park. I'm talking about the damage and how we live with pests and vermin and mold and mildew.

So Mr. Landlord, you go out and fire all the Board of Directors and then leave us with one. That's democratic? How? Helpful to us? How? One man, one of your henchmen, making all the decisions. Something stinks about that too. How can you have a one man B of D? Is that even legal? I mean, I sure that there is no law or by-law or anything about this but maybe I should put this more succinctly... is it ethical? I know that for anyone to have a non-profit number the Federal Gov't demands a full board of directors. And even if it's not needed, really, how do you call it a Board of Directors when there is only one person? That is simply a Director. Not a Board. Matter of fact 3 people isn't even really a board. One person making decisions and passing them by you first is not a Board.

So, while your friend whittles away the hours at TCHC posing as the Board of Directors, your residents, your tenants, are living in squalor. Literally in some instances. But many of us are living like this: (I woke up to this on the morning of April 9th, 2011)

As I went to the fridge for cream for our morning coffee this is what I saw.

I moved a couple of things for a better look because I couldn't believe what I was seeing. What I saw was a lot more. It was blood.

This is my milk jug. Guess where it went! No, I'm not cleaning it off of mouse blood and then using it to put in my fridge with my milk in it.

Same milk jug and my Thermos. The Thermos went with the milk jug. Garbage.

And this is a picture of the blood bath on my kitchen counter, walls, side of fridge and if you look at the previous pics you'll even see it on the dish drainer. Oh yes, it hit the garbage too. I had to buy a new one.

I had to clean this up. Can you imagine? Thankfully I have gloves and plenty of Lysol or Clorox wipes. They are a staple in my place.

So.. .Mr. Ford, what do you have to say for yourself Mr. Landlord.... wanna trade me homes for a while?

Btw, I emailed the super about this and he came up to see it. Took pictures too. And pics of other destruction in my unit. He sent it all to the Supervisor who was suppose to be on site this day. I never heard anything back. Today is Wednesday April 13th. As a matter of fact, I saw that supervisor in the lobby just this morning and still not a word.

Oh, one other post script... can't find the dead mouse. Wondering if it's behind my fridge but I'm not smelling anything yet and if there is something I know the smell of, it's dead mouse. I certainly saw a live one though. As I stood in front of my sink washing dishes this morning here comes Mickey!! Runs right across the taps as I stand there with the water running and across the counter to behind the fridge. Brazen little buggers.


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