Cleaning the pantry yet again. Jan 15th, 2011 - This gets done on a very regular basis like I don't have anything else to do and like it's easy for me. As you can see, I put the lovely mouse sticky traps down that I am supplied with.. for all the freakin good they do. One on each shelf and look what I caught! 2 cockroaches and the shredded paper from the cans the mice ate the labels off.

So much for anything in a box, I give up.

Caught paper shavings from the can there on this trap!

Caught a cockroach on this one.

Caught another cockroach on this one!

This is the floor in the pantry. Nice huh? I clean this constantly and it still looks like this. The trap has caught... mouse crap, paper shreddings, mouse pee and oh yes, mouse fur. Just not a freakin mouse. Hey Orkin, your traps work real well. Thank you housing for the help with these wonderful traps for my major infestation.

They don't discriminate. They like any canned goods. Fruit, veggies, desserts, doesn't matter, the labels are all tasty.

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