This is all in ONE WEEK....

You have no idea how tired I am of this shit. (literally and figuratively) Am I starting to get impolite? yup and at this point in time I couldn't really care less. Really, it's not even one entire week, these pictures go from May 12th, 2011 to May 16th, 2011. 4 lousy days.


On May 12th I opened the kitchen cupboard where most of my stuff is in glass containers or cans what little I still have in my kitchen but I had forgotten the bag of flour :-( They discovered it. Thankfully a friend of mine was here and cleaned it up because I couldn't.

On May 14th, 2011 I decided this particular job couldn't wait any longer. It actually hadn't been that long but time to do it again, the windowsill. They love the windowsill. I had to make a page for this because there are too many pics to pop on with all these. I have empty vases on my windowsill. No plants because I learned they love to eat them and dig in the soil. One vase had fake flowers in it. Also a dead mouse!! And a second vase had a dead mouse in it too!! Check out my vases and windowsill on this page by clicking this link."


On May 15th I found this guy dead as a doornail in front of my door. There... does that answer one of housings questions?? Where do these come from? I keep telling them they come under the damn door but no one listens. And please, don't have the audacity to tell me not to put newspapers down at my door because I'm disabled and use a scooter and I drag in all the bad weather with me so need something down to absorb it instead of my floor.


On May 15th I found this. I had a box of Carnation Instant Breakfast in one of the cupboards. There is only so much I can cram into my freezer folks.. anyway, since I'm diabetic I keep apple juice around too and there was a few of those tetra packs of apple juice in this cupboard as well. Well... they ate through the tetra packs and the apple juice spilled out everywhere of course. Too bad it didn't drown the little bastards. This package, as you can see, is soaked through. More garbage.



This is why you should NEVER use plastic containers. They ate through one side one night so I taped it up (I can't run to the store every day to get new containers) and woke up the next morning to a hole in the other side. Taped it up too. They obviously didn't like that idea and they started eating through the edge of it now. So now the poor container has more tape on it then it has stuff inside it. And yet another disgusting mess I get to clean up first thing in the morning. This is my normal morning routine. Lysol and Clorox wipes by the dozen. I guess as soon as possible I should shop for yet another glass container. I wish I've kept all the damn receipts but with everything else I have to do I'm too damn tired to remember to keep them regardless of how important it is.


This is my stove top & dishtray. Yup, they run in my stove and even eat the insulation out of it. I reported this. No one came. Needless to say, before I use my stove top for anything I grab the lysol or clorox wipes and get to work. And every morning I either scrub and disinfect the dishtray or I simply throw it out and get a new one. Thank goodness for the $ store and the fact my dish rack is stainless steel (easy to clean with the wipes and s.o.s.) and keeps everything well above that white tray.


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