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Victims still yearning to go home

Tenants forced out by highrise fire may have to wait 3 months to return

Hoarding issue rises from ashes of Wellesley Street fire

Toronto goes into crisis mode to cope with fire’s aftermath

Wellesley Street tenants still homeless after high-rise blaze

200 birds found in one apartment in evacuated high rise

Hundreds of residents allowed to move back to apartments after fire

The pack-rat epicentre of the fire @ 200 Wellesley. 2 page article in the Toronto Star on Saturday January 22nd. You don't get the entire story online. There is much more to this story. And some of it is wrong. Little things but still wrong. Like the incident at the community centre when we met to speak to the lawyers. He had not gotten up to the microphone yet to ask a question. The lawyer was telling people if they wished to ask a question concerning this suit to come up and get in line behind the mic. At this point a lady a couple of rows in front of me shot out of her seat, pointed in his direction and yelled at the lawyer "yes, I have a question, why the hell is he allowed in here? He started the fire". Actually he didn't start the fire himself but it was his unit and his clutter. This started an avalanche of people's remarks. People are angry at him and I can understand why.

Now another thing about how much Housing knew of his unit. A lot. How do I know this? Because I sat on a committee for mental health here and it goes way back to early 2007. At that point in time it was discussed and agreed on that in these 4 bldgs there are at least 90 hoarders. 90!! This was inevitable, a fire in the waiting of horrific porportions. On that committee were the property management, TCHC staff, Metro Police Mental Health Team, CCAC, City of Toronto staff, Public Health, etc. etc. Everyone was aware of what is going on in these buildings. I still have minutes of these meetings somewhere on this computer and on back up elsewhere. Hoarding was a popular subject at these meetings. And staff and agencies met on a fairly constant basis to speak about it too, pretty much weekly.

There are hundreds more articles out there on the net. Google the Toronto newspapers for them (Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, Toronto Globe & Mail and quite possibly even the Metro News). You can also google Toronto Fire Services for pictures and information. Look up You Tube for video's, pics. Twitter, Yahoo photo's, etc. etc. I'm amazed at how much is out there online to see. Please just keep in mind that some of the comments and even some of the articles are of that particular person's opinion and don't believe absolutely everything you read. Take a lot of it with a grain of salt.


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