This is our mouser. :-) Her offical name is Kawaii but she also answers to SoCute. Kawaii is Japanese for So Cute. She is Christaligia's smallest puppy. In the first 8 months of her little life she caught 15 mice! She's 10 months old now (born June 1st 2010) and she's caught more since then but I've lost count and sometimes I'm not sure if it's her or her sister that caught one because they'll both be sitting there with it at times. Like the other day. I finished vacuuming and was about to sit down for a bit when I noticed her and Six laying by the water dish. I went to see what was up and there was Mickey/Minnie laying there on the floor. It was still semi-alive so I put on gloves and picked it up by the tail, threw it in a paper bag and then into the plastic garbage bag. Who needs a cat when you have SoCute :-)






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