Yesterday I was in a meeting and the discussion of my mouse issue came up. Here is a list of the questions I was asked....


Guilty as charged. I have lovebirds. And I'm told it's the birdseed that's attracting the mice. So I ask, what am I suppose to do? They are lovebirds, they don't live on love alone so do I get rid of them or stop feeding them? I got no answer. Then I'm told to buy one of those skirts for around the cage. Why? For one thing why am I going to an added expense because Housing won't take care of it's pest control problems. And for another thing the skirt wouldn't work because the cage is sitting, not hanging. The cage is tall, they've been in my place, they've seen the birds and the cage. It's sitting on the coffeetable. It's not hanging from the ceiling and it's not on some fancyass stand either. Oh Well!! That's even worse!! Well shame on me.

So can't blame me, can't blame my dogs. Guess the poor freakin birds are it. Well guess what? It's not my Lovebirds either! My neighbours do not have birds but they have mice!! Oh yes, I forgot, housing isn't getting any other complaints from around me. Yeah so? They are taking care of it themselves because their problem isn't as bad as mine is. Mind you, my one neighbour caught 3 day before yesterday. Yup, 3 in a day. Guess he has mice. He has since put a piece of wood and nailed it against the inside of his door to stop them from coming in under the door. And my other neighbour, well he never had mice before the fire either and caught 6 since and has had to put a piece of metal at the bottom of his door. My neighbour across the hall, she's been really lucky and only had one so far but is petrified of them. Good thing she's only had one. My mom's nurse has seen them not only in my mom's bedroom but in the garbage room too. Other neighbours as well as myself have seen them running up and down the hall and running under people's doors. They are seen in the stairwells and even on the elevators.

I am also told by housing that you can "over bait". I have no idea how but according to them you can. I actually tried googling it to read up on it but nothing like that exists on the net. Since I can't get more than 2 bait traps from them I can't see that happening. So, with all this said and done, I'm heading out on the weekend to buy bait. I will keep the bill. I will also be buying mint. Seems they don't like mint either and if my dogs eat that, who cares? So I'll sprinkle fresh mint around this place and if nothing else it will smell good in here.

To try to clear this mess up and understand how to avoid mice I have decided to create a page simply on mouseproofing. Click Mouseproofing to read how to mouseproof in 200 Wellesley.

Don't anyone ever tell me that my 2 lovebirds birdseed is the cause of this. I had the lovebirds long before I had the damn mice. They were in the same place, same cage. I got the birds in May 2009, almost 2 years ago.

Stop trying to blame me, or something in my home, for the mice I have. I came home to them AFTER THE FIRE like many other residents did. I didn't have them or roaches before it. And neither did my neighbours. And many, many residents in here have mice and don't have dogs or birds. And they got roaches as well. Some by the thousands!!!

Don't anyone ever try to tell me that my 2 lovebirds birdseed is the cause of this again. There is no birdseed in my kitchen and for that matter I don't even keep food in there either any more. There's no food in my washroom either and they are in there too. No food in the bedrooms either but they are there as well. They are behind the wall unit. No food back there for sure. And no, my birds do not get out and fly around the apt. either. It's ridiculous and it's insulting to think that you think I'm that damned stupid. Housing is just trying to lay blame anywhere it can other than itself. I had the lovebirds long before I had the damn mice. They were in the same place, same cage. I got the birds in May 2009, almost 2 years ago. They had this building completely empty of everyone for at least 8 days, they should have fumigated and trapped everything in here while they had the chance. Who's fault is that? And it's not like they didn't know there was a pest issue in this building. They had a committee on it.


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