This is my freezer. NOT my fridge! My FREEZER. So you may ask why the hell do I have skim milk powder, cornmeal, oatmeal, rice, sugar, etc. etc. in my freezer? Have I lost my mind? Do I believe that it keeps it all fresher? No.... I'm protecting it from the mice!! The only way I can keep any kind of packaged goods in my home is to either do one of 3 things. Put it in my upright freezer, put it in my fridge or put it in glass containers with chrome lids. (don't bother using those plastic storage containers, they eat right through them. Found this out myself.)

So much for anything in a box or plastic package. The only way to protect it from the mice is to put it in the freezer. Here you can see my rice, brown sugar, cornmeal, oats.

The bottom half of the door. Here you find my microwave popcorn, the cream of wheat, the skim milk powder. Inside the freezer there are more items that should just be able to go on a shelf somewhere but not in my home they don't.

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