$32.00 a bag and the mice eat it. Ask me if I'm impressed? I had someone at housing at my door one day and he asked me a reasonable question concerning the mice and my dogs. He asked me if I leave the dog food out for the dogs. I said no. My dogs are not "free fed", they are fed on schedule and then the dishes are removed. I don't leave it on the floor.

In the meantime I had bought a new bag of food for them. I fed my pups food only purchased from the Vet. It's $32.00 a bag. It was sitting up, off the floor (as is most stuff in my place these days but I don't know why I bother. They even climb on my dinigroom table!!).

A day or two after speaking to him I opened my linen closet only to find a stash of dog kibble!! Huh? And then I found another little stash elsewhere. My dogs didn't do this since they are talented but not so talented to open the linen closet door. I then discovered that the damn mice had eaten a hole in my new bag of dog food and not only probably eaten some of it but that's obviously where the stash came from. Little bastards, hoarding food. This is not the first time I've found the dog food bags raided which is why I started putting it up higher and now I'll be buying containers to keep it in too. I am so sick and tired of having to buy mouse proof containers. It's costing me a small fortune and it's trial and error as they can eat through most everything. With the exception of glass. Housing must think I'm independantly wealthy or something.

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