This is too much..

Every Sunday I clean my birdcage. We have a pair of African Fisher Lovebirds. Now, normally I always look behind the coffeetable that their cage sits on because there is always birdseed down there. This is because in the night the mice come out and at any given time there are two or three in each of the two feed cups having themselves a feast on this expensive seed. Pisses me off but what can I do other than get rid of the birds?

Anyway, so this past Sunday I take a look for seed on the floor and holy crap there's more seed than I've ever seen. And there's something else too! So now, a 15 minute job (because all the mouse pee and poop must be cleaned out and off the cage too) is about to turn into a one hour job and tears along with it. It took us years to save for that sofa. It cost us $2000.00. Now since the fire and the onslaught of the mice it is garbage basically. There wasn't a mark on that sofa when we installed the new floor in here July 2010. Not as much as a small tear even underneath it because we had the furniture tipped right over to put the moving pads under it so the furniture moves easier. Nothing, not a mark. Now it looks like this from the mice. I showed these pictures to my invalid mom and she just cried. So did I. This is how we live now and there's no getting past it. My smallest puppy, Kawaii, has caught 15 mice herself now. Consider how many she missed...

I'm disabled and have a heart condition and shouldn't be trying to pull out furniture and such but there is no getting around this and it has to be done. Thankfully when we installed the new floating floor last July my sister-in-law told me about these little felt pads you can put under furniture and make it move easier. Amazing little things they are. Work like a charm.

Btw, yes, we installed a floating floor. No nails, no glue, no nothing. I paid for it. Not housing. Housing has never done anything in this unit in the 40 years we have lived here other than things that absolutely needed it. Not even painted, we paid for that and had family do that too. I had to get our carpeting removed because my mom was coming home with a walker and a solid floor is easier. This lamanated floor was the answer. My family installed it for us. It cost me $500.00 and the damn mice are eating it in the corners.

I move a box that is behind it and hear them scurring as fast as they can. If you don't like mice, don't visit me!! Anyway, there is a HUGE mess this time. Huge! Now I take the cage down which isn't easy, put it on the floor and with all my strength, I move the coffeetable.

And this is what I found..... they are eating my sofa big time. Matter of fact they now own it. There is a hole big enough for me to put my fist through and the stuffing is all over the floor. I wonder what the hell it looks like underneath the sofa but I have no one to move it to look or clean under there. A funny thing about that is I saw a cbc report this morning that was done yesterday and some yahoo from housing was on it talking about the help they are providing us now. That you can go to the new office here in our building and ask for support services and they'll hook you up. Mind you it can take 4 weeks. Really? Since when? And why is there no notice about this? I am a tenant rep in this building and didn't even have that piece of information! What the hell good am I to the tenants when such important information is kept from the tenant reps?

Furthermore, if this kind of help is available then please... put me down for it and send me the moron that released my apt. and considered it habitable. She/he needs to be the one that comes and cleans this disgusting mess up. I so want that person's name.

Here are the pics of my beautiful and expensive sofa... or what remains of it... just click on the small pics for bigger one.

"Hole in side of sofa. So big I can literally put my fist in it."

"Sofa stuffing on the floor."

" Another shot of the hole and stuffing."

"another shot of the side of our sofa "

" As well as all I swept up, this is one dustpan full of the crap I cleaned up."

"This is the mess between my sofa and coffeetable."

" Another shot of it."

" This is part of what I swept up."

" 2nd dustpan of crap I cleaned up. This is other than the stuff I swept up."

One more thing... I know this is disgusting and this is why my floors get vacuumed and washed 3 times a day and why I'm very thankful I got rid of the carpeting. Could you imagine what carpeting would look like with all these mice?

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