6 months later.......

Sometimes I wonder if this is as insane to people as they read it, as it is for us to live with it.

No one deserves to live like this. No one should ever be told this is ok to come in to.

It's now been 6 months since that horrific fire and guess what? We have hoarders again, oh yes, you can look from outside and see the crap on their balconies. All it will take is some fool smoking on his balcony and flicking his cigarette off and it landing on another balcony on the way down. What is it with these fools? I smoked for 33 years and never once did I flick a freakin smoke off my balcony. I never flicked one on the sidewalk still lit either so a dog or kid could step on a lit smoke. I really have to wonder about people these days.

6 months and we still have more mice than ever and roaches too.

6 months and half of my kitchen stuff is safer on my balcony then it is in my kitchen.

6 months and I'm still putting stuff in my freezer to keep it safe from the rodents and still writing on every can I have so when they eat the labels I still know what's in it.

6 months and it still takes me a long time to put groceries away because I still have to take anything purchased in a box and open it and put it in a glass container so the mice don't eat it box and all.

6 months later and I'm watching my furniture being eaten away and I'm making constant trips to the $ store to purchase glass containers to keep food stuff in. (or anything I don't want eaten for that matter)

6 months later and I'm hoping someone gives me stock in Swiffer. I'm constantly buying the wetjet stuff to clean my floors and the pads you put on the swiffer vac too. As well as fresh vac filters after I've sucked up all that mouse crap. And back and forth to the store to buy Lysol or Clorox wipes by the gross almost so I'm well stocked in each room. When they had them on a super sale for $1 at No Frills they must have wondered what the hell I was doing with them I bought so many at that price. I could use stock in either of those as well. The money I put out in cleaning products a month could feed us easily for a week.

6 months later and all I do is clean... clean... clean.. never using a dish that's not been just washed. If it was washed an hour ago, wash it again before you use it just to be safe.

6 months later I'm putting out more and more money to keep our stuff clean and safe.

6 months later and housing is still really confused as to where they (the mice) are coming from and I still can't get more than 2 bait traps at a time. I gave up asking.

I keep telling them, they are in the walls. You can hear them late at night scurrying in the false ceilings in the bathroom and the wall where the plumbing is for the shower. I tell them they are running up and down the halls. Running in and out of one apt. into another. My neighbours have them too. I'm told no one else is complaining! Funny, my neighbours certainly are.

6 months later and my poor lovebirds have to fight the mice for their seed. In the night there can be 3 - 6 mice in the feeding dishes of the bird cage. My lovebirds can't live on love alone. I do need to feed them.

6 months later stuff is still piled in my home high up in hopes of keeping mice off them but it's fruitless. At night, in the dark you can really hear them having a party out in the livingroom and kitchen. You'll hear them knock stuff over and such. I get up in the morning and it isn't unusual for me to pick something up off the floor that wasn't there the night before.

6 months later and we are still living in this.

6 months later and our mental health is being shattered, as is our physical health. No one is going to convince me this is healthy, regardless of how many times a day my floor gets cleaned.

6 months later and we now have no mail being delivered, Canada Post has issues with the construction. Yeah, after all this time when 90% of the construction is finished, they have an issue with it and withhold our mail for 4 days.

6 months later and we have not had another single meeting after the first one held by housing. Nothing..... nadda.... zip....

6 months later and we pretty much all own "emergency bags" that are in the ready for another evacuation.

6 months later and we're all here still waiting for someone to have the common decency (hello Toronto fire dept!) to get on our P.A. system when it's blaring and let us all know it's a false alarm instead of all of us standing at the ready, fully clothed in the middle of the night thinking we might have to evacuate again. Even our kids and no one gets back to sleep.

6 months later and our dogs all still go bonkers when they hear the fire alarm or even any siren outside.

6 months later and none of the thefts have been looked into. The same contractors are still here. Where is our stuff?

6 months later and our programs can't start again for our seniors or anyone because some of the chairs were stolen and tables are missing. When I keep bugging about it I'm told the residents are to blame. They stole the chairs. Huh? The residents? Which residents? The ones still out of their units? Oh, how about the ones that took the freakin chairs right out from under the security guards asses as they sat on the 24/7! Those residents? Was it them that stole the stuff from my office too? Was it them that stole the seniors programs stuff? Odd because housing changed all the common room locks so how did the residents do that? When all else fails.. blame those housing residents! Yes, sure.. that always works.

6 months later and we are still having weekend power outages to fix stuff. If you are on oxygen (and there are many, many here that are) it's your tough luck. They don't even have the decency to put notices about power outages for the weekend in your door. They just stick one per floor by the elevators. So if you are one of the unlucky ones on an oxygen concentrator that's of course, plugged into the wall, you're screwed because you probably can't walk the length of the hall to go read the stupid damn notice. Good luck to you when you are sucking for air and the power is off. I kept asking they put the notices in the doors for this but it's never happened.

6 months later and I still have orange water and the guy to check the water quality has never shown his face. I just scrubbed the orange off my grout in the shower the other day again.

6 months later and we still can't go out our back door so if you want to go anywhere east of our building you have to circumvent the entire building to get there.

6 months later and we still can't recycle, or put our garbage out in the dumpsters. So instead we have people dump their big stuff that is suppose to go into the dumpsters and their paper stuff that's suppose to go into the recycle bins beside the elevator where it's all a nice big fire hazard now.

6 months later we are sent a notice to commence cleaning off our balconies. In a week there will be balcony inspections. If you don't clean it, you'll be charged $150.00 and they'll clean it. (Is this legal?) ok.. but no mention of where we should put the garbage so guess where it goes? Not 2 hrs later I'm going out and by the elevators is jammed with garbage off someone's balcony. Another couple of hours later and on my way home I can barely get out of the elevator for the garbage now piled high there. I contact housing staff just after we got the letter in our doors about cleaning the balconies telling them they failed to mention where we should be putting our garbage and that people will leave fire hazards by the elevators. voila! Only took 2 hrs and never another notice goes out about where to put your garbage. btw, what kind of message does this give? This simply tells people to haul your garbage to the elevator foyer and dump it there and someone else will clean up your mess later. Great message. Meanwhile there are all sorts of flammable crap being dropped by the elevators but what the hell, no one would set fire to that now would they? hmm they seem to forget that bad one on the 18th floor a year and a half ago because someone put a mattress by the elevator and someone torched it. Or the mental midget that decided to charge his scooter in the common hallway and someone lit it up too. No, sure, that would never happen......

6 months later and we still can't park our cars in the underground.

6 months later and the City has decided to put our building out on the market to rent to the general public. ok... umm how is this for a pitch??:

So here we are... 6 months later and are things getting better? Nope.... this place is a pit.

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