4 MICE - 1 TRAP!!

Here is the story... my mom complained she heard a mouse in her room at night. She said she heard it on her windowsill above her bookcase. Later that afternoon I actually saw one run across the room towards the bookcase. So that night at around 11 pm I put up a single mouse trap. One of those sticky ones, on the windowsill. Busy the next day I didn't think to check it until around 5 pm. It hadn't even been 24 hrs. I went over, looked and holy crap, 4 mice in one trap!! That's a record for me. I've caught 2 before and think I did 3 once but this is crazy. Neither of us were amused. Here's the proof.

4 mice caught in one trap, maybe a record??

Someone bought my mom a plant and it was there on her windowsill. The mice ate some of the wrap around the plant and chewed a dying leaf off it so that accounts for the leaf and paper you see on the trap with the mice.


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